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FetchXML Field Types in SSRS

15 May 2014

When creating reports that use FetchXML, some field types are returned with two fields, the name of the field and the name of the field with Value appended, fieldValue.

The table shows the field types that I found that have a Value version. Other CRM field types only return one field and are of type String.

Table alias is not unique amongst all top-level table and join aliases

15 May 2014

If you are seeing the above error, it might be due to incorrect FetchXML in the definition of a saved query such as a Quick Find view. I've encountered this on CRM 2011 with UR13 installed after modifying the filter criteria for a Quick Find view. The view includes fields from related entities.

Multi-series charts

14 May 2014

When you create a chart with multiple series, the chart editor insists on adding a secondary y axis scale. This is probably something that you don't want because if you have two or more series comparing similar items the scaling will be different for each series.

There is no way to remove the secondary y axis scale in the editor. However, it can be removed by editing the chart XML. To do this:

Record GUIDs when duplicating a CRM database

09 May 2014

If you duplicate a CRM database using SQL Server (backup and restore) and the Import Organization wizard, record GUIDs are preserved.

Workflows with wait conditions and record fields

09 May 2014

I'm writing this up because I keep forgetting what happens.

If you have a workflow that includes wait conditions that depend on a field, what happens if the value of the field changes while the workflow is running?

Imagine, a case workflow that has a condition:

Timeout until 1 day before Follow Up By

If the value of Follow Up By changes while the workflow is running, the workflow use the new value and not the value of Follow Up By when the workflow started.

Related records navigation not showing for records in CRM 2013

05 May 2014

I came across an issue where the related records navigation dropdown was not showing for records with long names.

Researching the issue revealed this to be a problem with Internet Explorer 8 and fixed in Update Rollup 2.


CRM 2013 by the numbers

28 Apr 2014

Many areas in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 have limits, this table collates some of them.

Items missing from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

10 Apr 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduced a user interface that is quite different from earlier versions. This interface works across many platforms and is responsive. To achieve this buttons that appeared in earlier versions no longer show and other items have gone missing too.

Linking Microsoft Dynamics CRM to QuickBooks

04 Apr 2014

Here are some third-party products that link Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Quickbooks.

Vendor Link