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Chart Reference

21 Mar 2014

Chart XML

The chart XML defines the following:

fetchcollection Data to be charted, the query expressed using FetchXML
categorycollection Contains a <measurecollection> for each series 
presentationdescription Defines the chart types to use, chart legend, axes, axis properties




Security groups required by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

07 Mar 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses several security groups in Active Directory.

Print Preview in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

28 Feb 2014

One of the Update Rollups for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 stopped multiple line of text fields showing the entire contents when printing. Instead the field is shown as a fixed height window with a scrollbar; which is not particularly helpful when printed.

One trick I discovered is to add a web resource to the form for the relevant entity that adds some JavaScript to modify the properties of the field. So that the web resource does not show on the form, ensure that Visible by default is not selected.

Report Wizard Colours

19 Feb 2014

The following table shows the colours used for grouping in the Reporting Wizard.

Workflows that are cancelled

07 Feb 2014

In the definition of a workflow you can set an option to automatically delete workflow logs when the workflow ends.However, if a stop workflow step with a status of Canceled is included then the workflow log is not deleted.

Emails tracked in Outlook show unresolved recipient when viewed in CRM

03 Feb 2014

A user has the CRM Client for Outlook installed and manually tracks emails. A copy of the email is created in CRM.

However, when the email is opened the recipients and/or senders show as unresolved recpients even though records exist in CRM with those email addresses.

Server-Side Synchronization

28 Jan 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces Server-Side Synchronization. This provides an alternative to using the Email Router and the CRM Client for Outlook.

A key advantage of Server-Side Synchronization is that processing of emails is performed by the Asynchronous processing service so there is no need to install the Email Router. However, Server-Side Synchronization is not available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall 2013; which is disappointing because having to install the Email Router detracts from an otherwise completely cloud-based solution.

Add Record and Open Associated Sub Grid Icons missing from sub grid

27 Jan 2014

Scenario: Create two relationships between opportunity and contact (one as 1:n and the second as N:N)

Add a sub grid to an opportunity form for each relationship.

Only the first sub grid shows the Add Record and Open Associated Sub Grid icons.

It doesn't seem to matter which sub grid is shown first, but only the first one has the icons.


14th Jan 2014 - Acknowledged as a bug by Microsoft

Scheduling Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

10 Dec 2013

Scheduling Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured to run on a scheduled basis from within the CRM application. For example, if a sales report is needed on a weekly basis, you can schedule the report so that it is automatically available at the required time.

Email Subscriptions

If you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-premises you can create an email subscription to the snapshot in SQL Reporting Services Report Manager.

Auto Numbering using AdxStudio Productivity Pack

04 Dec 2013

The AdxStudio Productivity Pack contains a number of free tools. This article describes configuring Auto Numbering.


Create an Auto Numbering Defintion