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Revised naming convention for CRM updates

06 Oct 2017

Starting with CRM 2015, Microsoft has changed the naming convention for CRM updates as described in this article,

In the past we've had Update Rollups, Service Packs and various names for updates to CRM Online.

Notication message

16 Apr 2015

In CRM 2011, the background colour for error messages in the header notification area is (RGB), 255, 255, 174.

For example:

This is an error message

Microsoft Dynamics Products

29 Apr 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Online

Product Pricing Notes

User Subscription License (USL)

Minimum purchase of five CRM Professional USLs is required for new subscribers


$200 per user/month

Also includes:

Opportunities: Stage, Pipelines and Phases

20 Feb 2015

As CRM has evolved over the years, different ways to categorize where one is in an opportunity have been introduced.

In CRM 2013 and later, the text field Pipeline Phase is intended, I believe, to be populated by a workflow based on the current stage in the business process flow linked to the opportunity.

Other relevant fields to explain

  • Sales Stage
  • SalesStageCode
  • Step


More to add ................

Record names not showing in title bar of window

19 Feb 2015

In CRM versions 2011 and earlier, when you view a record it opens in a new windows and the window title is the name of the record as shown in this example.

CRM 2011 window with record name shown in title bar

However, you might find that the record name does not appear, instead a URL is shown like this ('ve obscured part of the URL).

CRM 2011 window with URL shown in title bar instead of record name