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Recently updated articles

Multi-series charts

14 May 2014

When you create a chart with multiple series, the chart editor insists on adding a secondary y axis scale. This is probably something that you don't want because if you have two or more series comparing similar items the scaling will be different for each series.

There is no way to remove the secondary y axis scale in the editor. However, it can be removed by editing the chart XML. To do this:

Record GUIDs when duplicating a CRM database

09 May 2014

If you duplicate a CRM database using SQL Server (backup and restore) and the Import Organization wizard, record GUIDs are preserved.

CRM Reporting and Data Visualization Tools

21 Mar 2016

Here are some reporting and data visualization tools:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Power BI (Office 365 service) and Power BI Desktop (report authoring tool) (but only works with CRM Online)
  • Power Query for Excel (but only works with CRM Online)
  • ZAP for CRM
  • Crystal Reports

Workflows with wait conditions and record fields

09 May 2014

I'm writing this up because I keep forgetting what happens.

If you have a workflow that includes wait conditions that depend on a field, what happens if the value of the field changes while the workflow is running?

Imagine, a case workflow that has a condition:

Timeout until 1 day before Follow Up By

If the value of Follow Up By changes while the workflow is running, the workflow use the new value and not the value of Follow Up By when the workflow started.

CRM and Internet Explorer 11

06 Oct 2017

Many users now have Internet Explorer 11 because of updates via Windows Update.

However, as of writing, according to this article CRM does not support Internet Explorer 11. I would be very surprised if support for IE11 does not appear in Jan or Feb 2014.

May 2014: CRM 2013 supports IE 11 with Update Rollup 2 and CRM 2011 supports IE11 with Update Rollup 17.