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Tracking E-mails error - "The text entered exceeds the maximum length"

29 Oct 2012

You may get the above error when tracking e-mails from the Outlook client. A solution appears to be to change the length of the Message Id (messageid) attribute on the E-mail entity from 100 to 200 or more.

Why this works or is needed, I don't know.


Multiple Organizations in Outlook Client

29 Oct 2012

When Outlook is configured with one Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization, the organization name is shown in the list of Outlook folders. However, when more than one organization is configured Outlook renames the folder to Solutions. This behaviour is a feature of Outlook and cannot be changed by the CRM client.

Partner Entitlements to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

29 Oct 2012

Partners are entitled to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online as follows:

  • Gold Competency: 250 seats
  • Silver Compentency: 100 seats
  • Cloud Essentials/Cloud Accelerate: 250 seats
  • Registered Partners: Discounted $19 /user/month

Competencies/Benefits may not be combined to increase the above maxima.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Competency Requirements

29 Oct 2012

This link describes the Partner competency requirements:

Gold Competency

Six unique MCPs are required who must between them must have passed all of the following exams:

Partner competency requirements for CRM

29 Oct 2012

This link describes the Partner competency requirements:

Gold Competency

Six unique MCPs are required who must between them must have passed all of the following exams:

Republish CRM 4.0 Reports

29 Oct 2012

If the CRM reports get removed from the SQL Reporting Services Server they can be republished at the CRM server by using a command-line program. Navigate to the CRM installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then to Tools. Within this folder run the following command:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Tools> PublishReports "organizationname"

where organization name is the internal name of the CRM organization (as found in Deployment Manager).

Report Errors - Execution 'random string' cannot be found

29 Oct 2012

When CRM and SQL/SQL Reporting Services are on different computers, problems with trust for delegation may occur.

The SRS Data Connector should sort out these errors. However, I did have a situation where reports via CRM did not work but they did in Report Server.

In conjunction with Microsoft Product Support, I discovered I had to change a delegation setting on the computer account for the SQL Server.

In Active Directory, open the computer account for the SQL Server and

Activities Report and Activities Detail Report - Circle Colours

29 Oct 2012

The out of the box Activites Report only shows activites that are regarding Opportunities and Cases.

The report includes an option to show all. This uses the Activities Detail report which includes colour coding against the activities.

By analysing the rdl file for the report the following sets the colour circle to show:


Troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reports

29 Oct 2012

I have written an article at Experts Exchange that on troubleshooting why reports don't work in CRM. Have a look and please leave your comments.

The article is at this link: