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Problems when using Host Headers

29 Oct 2012

If host headers are used for the CRM web site a number of problems may occur including, workflows stuck at waiting, duplicate detection rules not working, Outlook configuration not working and so on. The issue appears to be how rows in the DeploymentProperties table in MSCRM_CONFIG are configured.

To check whether this is the issue, run the following SQL statements against the MSCRM_CONFIG database:


SELECT NVarCharColumn
FROM deploymentproperties
WHERE columnname = 'AsyncSdkRootdomain'

Hiding Sections on Forms

29 Oct 2012

One method is to use the physical order in which a section appears on a tab (starting at number 0).

// This hides section number 1 on tab 0, i.e. the second section on the first tab

Report Errors - Execution 'random string' cannot be found

29 Oct 2012

When CRM and SQL/SQL Reporting Services are on different computers, problems with trust for delegation may occur.

The SRS Data Connector should sort out these errors. However, I did have a situation where reports via CRM did not work but they did in Report Server.

In conjunction with Microsoft Product Support, I discovered I had to change a delegation setting on the computer account for the SQL Server.

In Active Directory, open the computer account for the SQL Server and

CRM 4.0 Workgroup Edition may be installed on any server

29 Oct 2012

CRM 4.0 Workgroup Edition does not have to be installed on a Small Business Server. The Purchase Usage Rights document from Microsoft does not detail any such restriction.