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Recently updated articles

Support for Windows 10

30 Jul 2015

According to this article CRM versions 2013 and 2015 will be supported when accessed from the Edge browser in Windows 10.

Charts and Currency Fields

19 Jul 2015

When creating charts that use currency fields you might wonder, as I did, how aggregration of records on a currency field works when there is a mix of records that use different currencies.

Goal Metric - Rollup Field form

13 Jul 2015

The rollup field form a goal metric uses the label Source Record Type State and Source Record Type Status.

Source Record Type fields for Rollup Field

These should, I believe show Source Record Type Status and Source Record Type Status Reason to match the display names used elsewhere in the web application.

Reporting Services - Unable to connect to the remote server

11 Jul 2015

I installed SQL Server 2012 Database services and Reporting Services and selected the option to configure reporting services instead of doing the configuration manually.

The installation succedeed but I noticed that Reporting Services had configured binding for port 80 and https on port 443 as well. I didn't have an SSL certificate so in Reporting Services Configuration Manager I removed the bindings for port 443 for both reports and the reports manager.

List Web Part for CRM 4.0 and SharePoint

17 May 2015

The List Web Part for CRM 4.0 and SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007  was released on 17th December 2008.

Download from:

SQL Timeouts and Warnings

11 May 2015

On CRM servers, in the Event Viewer you might see warnings similar to the following logged against the MSCRMPlatform source with Event ID 17972

"Query execution time of 84.5 seconds exceeded the threshold of 10 seconds: Thread: 91; Database: CRM Database; Server: SQL Server; Query: query/stored procedure"

Forms showing white space only in CRM 2015

07 May 2015

In CRM 2015, users might see empty forms (that is no fields, just white space) because of missing privileges in their security roles.

I believe this is a bug and has been discussed here

The problem is caused by a role not including read rights to the campaign entity (this privilege should not be required).

Asyncoperationbase table - operationtype, status code and state code

30 Apr 2015

The asyncoperationbase table stores details of system jobs (including workflows). The following table details some of the different job types that are stored in the table.

Workflow - Activity Count

30 Apr 2015

When designing workflows, it is possible to test the number of activities (open and closed) against a record (only activities that are regarding the record directly are counted).

The count is available under the Local Value - Process.

There are two activity counts - Activity Count and Activity Count Including Process.

Microsoft Dynamics Products

29 Apr 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Online

Product Pricing Notes

User Subscription License (USL)

Minimum purchase of five CRM Professional USLs is required for new subscribers


$200 per user/month

Also includes: