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Recently updated articles

Links for Microsoft Dynamics CRM downloads

15 Dec 2015

The table shows the download links for CRM components for versions 2011 onwards.

Click the link to open a new page where you can download the relevant item. The number in the table refer to the download id on the Microsoft website.

The links are for the original RTM releases except for the 2011 downloads which have Update Rollup 6 included in the setup files.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online under Open Licence

01 Dec 2015

The obvious way to purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is via the Office 365 platform and purchase a subscription. The subscription is billed directly by Microsoft on a recurring monthly basis.

An alternative is to purchase a 12 month subscription under Open License, in return you receive a code which is redeemed in the Office 365 admin center.

The part numbers under Open Licence appear to be:

Performance Center

20 Oct 2015

Here is something that I hadn't seen before, the Performance Center. Courtesy of a post by PowerObjects, type CTRL+SHIFT+q to reveal the Performance Center. The first time you do this, click Enable to start tracking performance and then Close.

Then after you open a record call up the Performance Center again (CTRL+SHIFT+q) tosee how long each part of the form load took.

Click Disable in the Performance Center to turn off performance tracking.

Dynamics CRM for Phones (mobile client)

19 Oct 2015

The phone client for phones was updated for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 and later. The earlier version of the mobile app is renamed to Dynamics CRM for Phones Express.

Disk Cleanup on Servers

13 Oct 2015

The disk cleanup option is not shown on property pages for disks on server operating systems. Some articles suggest installing the Windows Desktop Experience to get this feature. However, this is not necessary. Follow the instructions at and you can run Disk Cleanup as a standalone program without installing Desktop Experience.