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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

17 Sep 2014

Microsoft has announced Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for on premise (version 7.0) and Online.

Press release is here:

The customer center get ready page is here:


Changes in Chrome and Firefox on Modal dialogs upsetting CRM

09 Sep 2014

A CRM blogger, Neil McDonald has identified issues upcoming deprecations for APIs in Chrome and Firefox that break CRM functionality. The changes are mainly to do with deprecation of windows.showModalDialog. A modal dialog is a dialog box that keeps the input focus until the box is closed. While the box is open the user cannot switch windows.

Refer to Neil's article for the details.

Link to finish provisioning of CRM Online instance

28 Aug 2014

If you sign up for a CRM Online instance and find that setup has not completed use this link,,will to take you directly to the finishing setup page. You will need to enter your user name and password for the instance.

Customer Lookup

13 Aug 2014

Records in CRM 2011 that have a Customer lookup, such as Opportunity, have the following relationships.

Disabling CRM Users

21 Jul 2014

Users cannot be deleted from CRM, instead user records are disabled.

To remove access to CRM from a user, either disable the user record or remove all security roles from the user.

When disabling a user, check the following items for knock-on effects:

Bugs in CRM 2013

18 Jul 2014

Here are some bugs I'm come across in CRM 2013.

Report Error - Select or Execution permission denied

26 Jun 2014

I encountered an on-premises CRM organization where some reports did not run, instead a rsProcessingAborted error is shown. In situations like this, it often helps to look at the Event Viewer on the Reporting Services server. I found errors similar to the following:

PrincipalObjectAccess table cleanup

13 Jun 2014

The article at provides a script for cleaning up the principalobjectaccess (POA) table in CRM 2011.It seems that prior to CRM 2011 UR6 when records were deleted related records in the POA table were not removed.

Outlook Client Compatibility with CRM 2011 and CRM 2013

13 Jun 2014
  2011 Server 2013 Server

RTM to UR11

What's new in CRM 2013 SP1, Spring 14

09 Jun 2014

The updates to CRM released in May 2014 (known as the "Leo" release) bring many new features. Here is a list (not necessarily exhaustive):