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Disabling CRM Users

21 Jul 2014

Users cannot be deleted from CRM, instead user records are disabled.

To remove access to CRM from a user, either disable the user record or remove all security roles from the user.

When disabling a user, check the following items for knock-on effects:

Bugs in CRM 2013

18 Jul 2014

Here are some bugs I'm come across in CRM 2013.

Report Error - Select or Execution permission denied

26 Jun 2014

I encountered an on-premises CRM organization where some reports did not run, instead a rsProcessingAborted error is shown. In situations like this, it often helps to look at the Event Viewer on the Reporting Services server. I found errors similar to the following:

PrincipalObjectAccess table cleanup

13 Jun 2014

The article at provides a script for cleaning up the principalobjectaccess (POA) table in CRM 2011.It seems that prior to CRM 2011 UR6 when records were deleted related records in the POA table were not removed.

Outlook Client Compatibility with CRM 2011 and CRM 2013

13 Jun 2014
  2011 Server 2013 Server

RTM to UR11

What's new in CRM 2013 SP1, Spring 14

09 Jun 2014

The updates to CRM released in May 2014 (known as the "Leo" release) bring many new features. Here is a list (not necessarily exhaustive):

Edit Multiple Records - fields missing

06 Jun 2014

If the address on an account record changes, the addresses for any related contacts are not changed. At first it seems that you have to edit each contact record separately which will of course be time consuming. However, a trick I learnt in the early days of CRM is to select the related contacts and then click Edit to open the Edit Multiple Records window where you can type the new address once and update the related contacts (this only works for up to 250 contacts at a time because you are limited to editing one page at a time).

User view, Disabled users consuming licenses

05 Jun 2014

You might have seen the view, Disabled users consuming licenses for users and wondered what it means. In CRM on-premise a disabled user does not require a license so what is the view showing.

If you look at the definition of the view in Advanced Find you see an error because Advanced Find can't show the query. Delving in the database, shows that the FetchXML for the query is:

FetchXML Notes

04 Jun 2014

Link Entities

When retrieving attributes from linked entities it seems that attributes must have an alias otherwise you can't refer to them:

Service Accounts for SQL 2012

26 May 2014

SQL 2012 can use Managed Service Accounts and Virtual Local Accounts as described here:

Installing CRM 2013 works with the default virtual local accounts created when installing SQL 2012. However, installing Reporting Extensions reports an error that a local account is used for Reporting Services and this must be changed to a domain account.