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Dynamics CRM Roadmap

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  Q2 CY 2014 Q2 CY 2014 Q3 CY 2014 Q4 CY 2013


for Online and On-Premises

Service enhancements

Integrated with social

Customer Care

Server-side Sync Online

Enterprise SKU

Platform improvements

  • Workflow enhancements
  • Timer control
  • State Model
  • Async Scaling

Lifecycle Management

  • Package Deployment Tool
  • Update Plugin registration
  • Configuration Migration Tool
  • Visual Studio Toolkit Enhancements

Service enhancements

  • Case updates on MOCA
  • Unified Service Desk
  • Email to Case conversion
  • Social Care
  • Entitlements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Service Schedules by geography
  • Social care - create activity and case


and all this before integrating with Parature



  • Faster and reliable provisioning
  • Sandbox capabilities
  • Monthly cadence


for Online and On-Premises

Improved offline capabilities



Microsoft Social Listening

Libra Hydra  


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Parature     Parature Integration v1  




Released Codename Features


Q4 CY 2014 Vega Core CRM enhancements Dynamics CRM Online and On-premise
Q2 CY 2014 Mira Marketing Pilot Dynamics CRM Online
Q2 CY 2014 Subra Microsoft Social Listening Running on the Office 365 platform
Q2 CY 2014 Leo Core CRM enhancements Dynamics CRM Online
Dec 2013 Orion   Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
Q2 2013 Gemini Marketing Pilot integration for Online
Jan 2013 Polaris  

December 2012 Service Update for Online

UR12 for On-Premise