Microsoft Dynamics Products

  • Posted on: 1 April 2015
  • By: feridun

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Online

Product Pricing Notes

User Subscription License (USL)

Minimum purchase of five CRM Professional USLs is required for new subscribers


$200 per user/month

Also includes:

  • Parature Enterprise
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Enterprise
Professional $65 per user/month  
Basic $30 per user/month  
Essential $15 per user/month  
Microsoft Dynamics CRM non-production instance $150 per/month One instance included with 25 or more CRM Professional USLs
Microsoft Dynamics CRM production instance $549 per/month  
Microsoft Dynamics CRM storage $9.99 per GByte/month

For every 20 CRM Professional USLs storage capacity is increased by 2.5GB up to 50GB

A subscription includes 5 GBytes of storage


Microsoft Dynamics CRM - On-premises

Product Pricing Notes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

$xxx per server

$xxx per user



Other Products

Product Available Pricing Notes
Unified Service Desk Installed and run on user's computer Not available standalone Included with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional and Enterprise USLs
Microsoft Social Engagement Professional Online only $75 per user/month

Included with:

  • 10 or more CRM Professional USLs
  • 1 or more CRM Enterprise USLs
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Online only

Enterprise, $125 per user/month

Sales Collaboration, $2.00 per user/month

Available as:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Enterprise
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Sales Collaboration


Parature, from Microsoft Online only $125 per user/month