User view, Disabled users consuming licenses

Thu, 2014 06 05

You might have seen the view, Disabled users consuming licenses for users and wondered what it means. In CRM on-…

FetchXML Field Types in SSRS

Thu, 2014 05 15

When creating reports that use FetchXML, some field types are returned with two fields, the name of the…

Multi-series charts

Wed, 2014 05 14

When you create a chart with multiple series, the chart editor insists on adding a secondary y axis scale. This is…

Workflows with wait conditions and record fields

Fri, 2014 05 09

I'm writing this up because I keep forgetting what happens.

If you have a workflow that includes wait…

ADFS Supported Configurations

Tue, 2014 03 25

CRM 2011 and 2013 uses Active Directory Federation Services for Internet-facing deployments.

The folowing…

Print Preview in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Fri, 2014 02 28

One of the Update Rollups for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 stopped multiple line of text fields showing the entire…

Report Wizard Colours

Wed, 2014 02 19

The following table shows the colours used for grouping in the Reporting Wizard.

Emails tracked in Outlook show unresolved recipient when viewed in CRM

Mon, 2014 02 03

Here is a scenario that I have not encountered before.

A user has the CRM Client for Outlook installed and…