Pricing Precision

Thu, 2013 06 20

Fields of type currency have a precision which determines the number of decimal places used in calculations…

Status and Status Reason

Thu, 2013 06 06


Most record types in CRM can be deactivated by changing the status. Many records have two status…

Bulk Delete Suspended Jobs

Wed, 2013 05 29

Bulk Delete is a useful tool for deleting large numbers of records as an alternative to using Advanced Find and then…

Cascade Delete Behaviour

Thu, 2013 05 23

Consider the following scenario.


A custom entity, Project has been added to a Dynamics CRM…

Claims-based Authentication Token Expiry

Fri, 2013 05 17

Tokens issued by AD FS 2.0 expire after a default time of 60 minutes. This requires users to be re-authenticated (…

Quote and Quote Product fields

Fri, 2013 05 17

Quote Product fields

Note: all currency fields have an equivalent field for the amount in the base…

Table alias is not unique amongst all top-level table and join aliases

Thu, 2013 05 02

If you are seeing the above error, it might be due to incorrect FetchXML in the definition of a saved query such as…

Update Rollup 13 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Wed, 2013 04 03

Installation Media

The downloadable installation files for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 are slipstreamed with…

Service Principal Names (SPN) for Dynamics CRM

Mon, 2013 03 25

When setting up Microsoft Dynamics CRM it is likely that you will have to configure Service Principal Names (SPN).…

Outlook Configuration Wizard fails

Thu, 2013 03 21

Things to try if the Outlook CRM Configuration Wizard fails:

  • If on Windows 8, ensure that Windows…