Minimum permissions needed for a deployment administrator

Wed, 2008 07 30

In CRM 4.0 a deployment administrator is used to manage organizations. The user that installs…

Forcing CRM to clean up deleted records

Tue, 2008 06 17

CRM 4.0 tidies up deleted records via the asynchronous service every 24 hours. To force an…

Tables involved in Workflow and Workflow history

Tue, 2008 06 17

This article…

Modifying Queue Views

Sun, 2008 06 01

Modifying a queue view is not directly supported in the CRM Application. However it is…

Deleting workflow logs using the SDK

Tue, 2008 05 27

To delete workflow logs using the SDK use the RetrieveMultiple and Delete messages.

Sending Direct E-mail to Contact requires permission on parent account

Fri, 2008 05 02

Using Direct E-mail to send to a contact requires at least read access on the Parent Customer record.


Sending Direct E-mail to members of a marketing list

Fri, 2008 05 02

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, there is no obvious way in the application to send direct e-…

Exported isv.config is empty

Thu, 2008 04 17

In CRM 4.0, in order to customize the application the isv.config file has to be exported. On some systems I've…

Problem configuring Outlook Client when host headers are used

Fri, 2008 03 28

If host headers were used to install the CRM web site on the web server then you may run into…