Quick Find "Full-text" enhancement

For CRM 2015 Update 0.1 On-premise only

Scenario prior to the change

  • Quick Find uses the SQL Like operator
  • Searches default to "starts with"
  • Indexes not used

After the change

  • Text based Find columns use SQL full-text indexes.
  • Fields that contain ALL words in the search text are returned
  • No longer need to use a wildcard, variations of a word are returned such as tense and plurals
  • Searches that previously required wildcards are much faster
  • Use quotation marks to limit the search to an exact match

New setting off by default, must be enabled in System Settings | General, "Enable full-text search for Quick Find"

The full-text uses an existing full text catalog, CRMFullTextCatalog

Check out the video from Microsoft on YouTube, https://youtu.be/vYc-xP4Z8VE


Release Introduced On-Premise: