Toolbox (CRM and others)

Submitted by feridun on Wed, 01/11/2012 - 18:09

Tools for CRM

Item Description Location
Sitemap Editor Provides a way for users to update the site map through a user interface within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Metadata Browser View metadata within CRM including Entities, Attributes and Relationships. (Community contribution) or (included in SDK)

Bullk update searchable attribute on fields Bulk change the "Active for advanced find" property of entities attributes
CRM 2011 User Settings Configure settings for multuple users
SQL to FetchXML Converter Convert SQL to FetchXML
CRM Diagonostics Tools

Diagnostics tool to enable tracing and also report on the deployment
Bulk Workflow Execution Tool Run a workflow for every record in a view (not just records on one page of a view)
Universal Settings Sonoma Partners Universal Settings utility allows administrators to quickly and easily update any setting on the Organization entity for one or multiple organizations in the same deployment.
Ribbon Workbench Tool for modifying the ribbon built by Scott Durrow
OptionSet Import Importing Option Sets
Xrm.Tools Set of tools to make customizing and developing applications with Dynamics CRM (Colorado Technology Consultants)

Other Tools

Item Description Location
Undeleting files
SSL Server Test Analysis of SSL configuration of a server