Microsoft Dynamics 365, Licensing and Pricing

Submitted by feridun on Thu, 07/14/2016 - 12:07

This is a work-in-progress article to record what I discover about Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing and licensing

Customer Engagement Pricing

Prices were last checked on 8th June 2018 and are in GBP pounds per month per user and exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.

Product Pricing
Customer Engagement Plan (Tier 1, 1 to 99 users) £86.70
Individual Apps (Sales, Customer Service, Field Services, Project Service Automation £71.60
Sales Professional £49.00
Marketing - has a different pricing model based on number of contacts see table below
Production instance add-on (per month) £414.70
Non-production instance add-on (per month) £113.10
Additonal Disk Space (per GByte/month) £3.80
Additional Portals (per month) £377.00
Additional Portal Page views (500,000) (1,000,000 included) (per month) £37.70
Social Engagement Additional Posts (10,000) (per month) £75.40
Field Service - Resource Schedule Optimization (per month per Resource included in optimization process £22.60


Product Pricing
Marketing only with 10,000 contacts (per month) £1,131.10
With customer engagement plan (<  10 users) or any app £565.60
With customer engagement plan (>= 10 users) (per month) (includes 2,000 contacts) Included
For next 8,000 contacts for the included offering £452.40
Additional Contacts (5,000) (per month) £188.50

Each of the apps includes:

  • PowerApps for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 (not Plan 1 or Plan 2)
  • Flow for Office 365 and Flow for Dynamics 365 (not free, Plan 1 or Plan 2)
  • Microsoft Social Engagement (which will no longer sold as a stand-alone product)
  • Gamification (note Spectator and Fan roles only are included in Team Member licences)
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Mobile Offline

The Customer Engagement Plan includes the above apps plus:

Subscription Features

Any combination of apps in a single tenant includes the following:

  • One Production instance
  • One non-production instance (the diagram in the October 2016 licensing guide that shows a requirement of 25+ user subscription licences is incorrect).
  • One portal instance
  • 10GB database storage, additional storage is granted at the rate for 5GB for every 20 full users (not those with Team Member licences)
  • Social Engagement, 10,000 social posts per month


Microsoft launched the new cloud service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an evolution of Dynamics CRM towards the end of 2016. At the time two editions were announced Business and Enterprise. But this idea was later abandonned.

Dynamics 365 covers many business application products and not just what was Dynamics CRM which is now referred to as Customer Engagement.  Customer Engagement has functional areas called apps. The apps can be purchased individually or collectively as a plan. The pricing makes the plan option the one to go for if you need more than one app.