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Events and Conferences

08 Nov 2019


Organization Settings Editor

30 Oct 2019

There are many settings in Dynamics 365 Online that can be changed via the PowerShell, such as this one,, for enabling rich text in the description field of appointments.

There is an alternative to using the PowerShell which is to use Organization Settings Editor managed solution released by Sean McNellis of Microsoft.

Line Items

15 Oct 2019

An earlier version of Dynamics 365/CRM introduced an inline edit view for Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice Products (line item products).

But the inline edit view was a  "special" view that could not be edited, for example, to show additional fields.

But the editable grid control is available in the unified interface for line item products which means that custom public views can be used instead of the special inline edit view.

Creating Instances

02 Nov 2019

Under the new storage model Storage Changes additional instances can be created free of charge provided you have sufficient disk space available.

D365 Focus - Oct 22/23 2019 - Brussels

16 Sep 2019

I'm delighted to announce that I'll be presenting at D365 Focus in Brussels this Oct 2019.

My topic is Back to Basics: Security in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

My presentation is on Oct 22nd at 9.30 CET in the CRM track, have a look at for details and the other sessions.