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Product Number on Sales Records

Starting in version 9.0 online, the following entities have a read-only field called productnumber: Quote Product (quotedetail) Order Product (salesorderdetail) Invoice Product (invoicedetail) The field is a read-only copy of the Product ID (productnumber) field from the related Product. Interestingly the field is not available on Opportunity Product nor is it available in Dynamics On-Premises.

Comparings Kits and Bundles

Kits have been available in the product catalog from the earliest days of Dynamics CRM and they can still be used. But they have been replaced by Bundles. This article compares the two. For both Kits and Bundles, the idea is to sell a group of products together, perhaps with better pricing for the customer …

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Disqualifying leads in bulk

It seems that selecting more than 50 leads and then clicking Disqualify doesn’t work. When I last tried this, I received an error. Having logged a support call with Microsoft, the response was that it is by design.

Dynamics 365 Entitlements

Entitlements replaced contracts in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM some time ago, This article describes some scenarios I’ve encountered. Date Coverage only Looking at an entitlement form, the Allocation Type and Decrease Remaining On fields are business required. The only options for Allocation Type are: Number of cases Number of hours The contracts entity template had …

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Service Management Settings in the Unified Interface

In the “classic” or “legacy” web interface, settings for Service Management are located at Settings | Service Management. The Oct 18 Business Application release notes announced that service management settings will be available in the unified interface in the customer service hub. Three settings are still only available in the web interface: Routing Rule Sets …

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Insights Solutions

There are several solutions, provided by Microsoft, to provide analysis of customer data in Dynamics 365. Relationship Insights Embedded Intelligence Features include: Relationship assistant Email engagement Auto capture https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/sales-enterprise/configure-enable-embedded-intelligence (As of 22nd Jan 2018) This is still in preview and is enabled in System Settings on the Previews tab Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights Azure based SaaS …

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Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a free app from Microsoft for scheduling and managing appointments. It is aimed at small businesses. It is included in in Office Business plans but as of Nov 2017 it can be added to any Office 365 tenant as a free add-on, look for the Business Apps (see this article for more …

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Dynamics 365 for Talent

Managing recruitment, onboarding, development of staff. See https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/talent/capabilities/ Includes: Attract, Onboard and Core HR apps. The Attract and/or Onboard apps are available without Core HR. See https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/talent/overview/ for pricing. Available with full or team members subscription license. Minimum purchase: 5 full subscription licenses (this can include Dynamics 365 Plan or Unified Operations Plan – which …

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Feature Overlap

Confused about what each of the Microsoft Dynamics products can do? Here is a table that might help. Feature Microsoft Dynamics CRM Yammer Office 365 Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Microsoft Social Engagement Parature ADX Portals Marketing Some capability, not updated for many years     Dedicated to Marketing functionality       Discussions Activity feeds introduced …

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