Insights Solutions

There are several solutions, provided by Microsoft, to provide analysis of customer data in Dynamics 365.

Relationship Insights Embedded Intelligence

Features include:

  • Relationship assistant
  • Email engagement
  • Auto capture

(As of 22nd Jan 2018) This is still in preview and is enabled in System Settings on the Previews tab

Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights

Azure based SaaS service

Define key APIs, infer relationships from data and make predictions

Works with Dynamics 365 Onlint (and some other data sources).

Purchaseable but still in preview.

Insights, powered by InsideView

This provide real-time data on companies and contacts within Dynamics 365  and is available for Online an On-Premises.

It is provided free of charge for Dynamics Online customers in the US and Canada. Elsewhere and for On-Premises it must be purchased.

The free subscription is provided in Microsoft’s AppSource here.

More details on installing Insights are provided on Insights website here.

Company News Timeline

Available for Dynamics 365 Online subscriptions. Uses Bing to provide news about customers in mobile apps.

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