Quick Campaigns

Quick Campaigns are used to create a single interaction with a list of Accounts, Contacts or Leads.

The interaction can be a Phone Call, Appointment, Letter, Fax or Email.

Quick Campaigns and Outlook
If working with the CRM Client for Outlook additional options are available: Letter via Mail Merge, Fax via Mail Merge and E-mail via Mail Merge. The Mail Merge options require Microsoft Office Word.

In this case, the Quick Campaign will ask the user to choose the content for the mail merge. This can be a blank document or a mail merge template (organisational or personal). Word will then be started to complete the mail merge. At the end of the mail merge, the user will be asked whether to create CRM activities. If the user chooses no, then no activities will be created, not even the Quick Campaign.

Quick Campaigns and the Web Client
If working with the web client then the Quick Campaign Wizard will create open activities for each of the records selected. For the e-mail activity the user is asked whether the e-mail should be sent or left as an open activity.

E-mail templates cannot be used in a Quick Campaign.

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