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Date and time operators in Advanced Find

Fellow MVP Gonzalo Ruiz has put together an article on how date and time operators behave in Advanced Find. Check his blog out at this link http://gonzaloruizcrm.blogspot.ca/2012/07/date-and-time-operators-in-crm-explained.html

Order Fulfillment

When orders are fulfilled in CRM the status of the order is changed and an order close activity is created. Complete an order using Fulfill Order on the ribbon In the web interface, orders can only be fulfllled one at a time using Fulfill Order on the ribbon in an order form. This button is …

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E-mail via Mail Merge

When running a mail merge with Word, if E-mail via Mail Merge is selected up to 5 attachments can be included in the outgoing e-mail.

Sales Literature Records

When a CRM e-mail record is created in the CRM client for Outlook, the ribbon show a button to attach Sales Literature. However, this button does not show when creating an e-mail in the web client. However, if a Sales Literature record is opened in the web client, there is a Send as E-mail button. …

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Phone number used for phone call activities

When a Phone Call activity is created in the context of a record the following field is used for the phone number in the activity form: Account – Main Phone Contact – Business Phone Lead – Business Phone

Exporting more than 10,000 records to Excel from CRM

The Export to Excel feature does not export more than 10,000 rows. To change this, review this article: http://usingmscrm.blogspot.com/2009/09/export-to-excel-only-showing-10-0… The limit is specified in the CRM organisation table. In the OrganisationBase table update the value for the MaxRecordsForExportToExcel column. 

Bulk (Mass) E-mailing from CRM 4.0

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 has a variety of options for sending multiple e-mails. It can be confusing deciding which option to use because of the various restrictions. This table summarise the options: Feature Direct E-mail Quick Campaign Workflow Can use E-mail Templates* Yes (only e-mail templates may be used) No, but can use Word Templates …

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Quick Campaigns

Quick Campaigns are used to create a single interaction with a list of Accounts, Contacts or Leads. The interaction can be a Phone Call, Appointment, Letter, Fax or Email. Quick Campaigns and OutlookIf working with the CRM Client for Outlook additional options are available: Letter via Mail Merge, Fax via Mail Merge and E-mail via …

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