Changes to quick find/search in the CRM Client for Outlook

In the RTM version of the CRM Client for Outlook search (or Quick Find) behaved differently from the web client. Update rollup 7 changes the behaviour so that the CRM Client for Outlook and the web client behave in the same way.

This podcast by the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering team on update rollup 7 briefy discusses the change at 17m 20s.

ClientPre UR7Post UR7
  • Search includes all records within the scope of the definition of the Quick Find view (by default active records)
  • Wildcard character (*) required to match beginning of strings. For example, *ltd, returns all records that have ltd somewhere in the name whereas, ltd, returns records that ltd at the beginning of the name.


no change
  • Search includes records within the current view
  • The wildcard character is not used or required
as the web client

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