Contracts in Cases – Form Assistant Behaviour

When a case is created, the Customer field must be completed. As with other records the customer can be an account or contact. But which should you use?

  • If you select an account, then the case shows against the account record but you have nothing to say who logged or is affected by the case.
  • If you select a contact, then case shows against the contact record and the account (via rollup).

Depending on whether you select an account or contact, the Form Assistant for the Contracts behaves differently.


If you are using contracts to track support entitlement, then you must select a Contract and Contract Line. The Form Assistant looks to be useful in showing relevant contracts for a customer. However, when the customer is an account the Form Assistant does not show the contracts linked to the account.

Image no longer available

But, when the customer is a contact the Form Assistant does the contracts linked to the parent of the account – which makes sense and is helpful.

Image no longer available

Notice the wording in the Form Assistant, Customer’s Child Contracts for when the customer is an account and Customer’s Parent Contracts when the the customer is a contact. It seems that the Form Assistant is trying to do something clever but failing.

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