Dynamics 365 Entitlements

Entitlements replaced contracts in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM some time ago,

This article describes some scenarios I’ve encountered.

Date Coverage only

Looking at an entitlement form, the Allocation Type and Decrease Remaining On fields are business required. The only options for Allocation Type are:

  • Number of cases
  • Number of hours

The contracts entity template had a dates coverage option which meant that number of cases or hours was not relevant.

But this isn’t an option for entitlements. To achieve the same consider using the following settings:

  • Set Restrict based on entitlement terms to No
    • This settings means that cases can be logged against the entitlement even if there are no remaining terms
  • Set Allocation Type to Number of cases or Number of hours as most appropriate for your organization
  • Set Total terms to a large number or blank or 0

This combination of settings allows for any number of cases to be logged against the entitlement, but the remaining terms will still be decremented. If you set Total Terms to 0 or leave blank, then the remaining terms will become negative as cases are logged against the entitlement.

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