Comparing the PL-100 and PL-200 Courses

The PL-100 and PL-200 courses from Microsoft cover similar content, so why are there two courses and should I attend both?

In short, you should probably not attend both. The main difference is the intended audience. PL-100 is aimed at those who want to build apps with low-code techniques using the Microsoft Power Platform but might not have formal IT training.

Whereas PL200 is for students who want to learn about Microsoft Power Platform solutions to simplify, automate, and empower business processes for organizations in the role of a Functional Consultant.

Both courses cover the main components of the Power Platform (see the table below), but with a different emphasis to suit a particular job role. This is reflected in the name of the courses! PL-100 – Microsoft Power Platform App Maker and PL-200 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant.

Both courses assume minimal knowledge of the Power Platform.

There is nothing to stop you from going on both, but just be warned that if you do, you will see a lot of similar content presented. However, the lab scenarios are different.

Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform
Create a model-driven app in Power Apps
Create a Canvas App in Power Apps
Automate a business process using Power Automate
Create and use analytics reports with Power BI
Introduction to AI Builder
Create a chatbot with Power Virtual Agents and Dataverse for Teams
Work with Microsoft Dataverse
Manage Microsoft Dataverse
Create model-driven apps in Power Apps
Create canvas apps in Power Apps
Make portals in Power Pages
Build automation with Power Automate
Build chatbots with Power Virtual Agents
Visualize data with Power BI
Solutions and integrations

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