FetchXML Notes

Wed, 2013 05 29

Link Entities

When retrieving attributes from linked entities it seems that attributes must have an alias…

Price List Items

Mon, 2013 01 14

Date fields and time zones

Mon, 2013 01 14

The Problem

Dynamics CRM does not provide date only fields. Although date fields may be configured to show…

Field level security in CRM

Fri, 2012 01 27

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

CRM 4.0 does not provide a method for securing records at…

Are duplicate security roles allowed?

Thu, 2011 07 14

I recently discovered in CRM 2011 that it is possible to have security roles with the same name in a Business Unit…

Can Custom Activities synchronize with Outlook?

Tue, 2011 06 28

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 introduces custom activities. However, custom activities cannot be configured to…

Multiple relationships between the same entities cause multiple lookups to be populated with the same value

Wed, 2010 09 01

Imagine that you create multiple relationships between Accounts and Contacts. This will…

Change name of the root business unit

Fri, 2010 05 07

It is not possible to change the root business name for a CRM organization after installation using the application…

Columns shown in duplicates detected view

Thu, 2009 10 01

The columns shown in the Duplicates Detected windows are based on the Lookup view for the…

Customizing Marketing List Views

Wed, 2009 09 09

The CRM application does not allow marketing list views to be customized. However, the views…