Problems when using Host Headers

If host headers are used for the CRM web site a number of problems may occur including, workflows stuck at waiting, duplicate detection rules not working, Outlook configuration not working and so on. The issue appears to be how rows in the DeploymentProperties table in MSCRM_CONFIG are configured.

To check whether this is the issue, run the following SQL statements against the MSCRM_CONFIG database:


SELECT NVarCharColumn
FROM deploymentproperties
WHERE columnname = 'AsyncSdkRootdomain'

CRM 4.0 Workgroup Edition may be installed on any server

CRM 4.0 Workgroup Edition does not have to be installed on a Small Business Server. The Purchase Usage Rights document from Microsoft does not detail any such restriction.

Connect to Existing Deployment or Install New Deployment

When installing CRM 4.0 you have the option to connect to an existing deployment. This option is for adding new CRM 4.0 servers to an existing deployment and not for connecting to an existing database following a server or domain migration.

For an existing database that has been moved to a new domain, use a new installation, create a new (temporary) organization. Then use Deployment Manager to import the existing database and then delete the temporary organization.


Installing CRM 4.0 on SQL Server 2008

CRM 4.0 can be installed on SQL Server 2008.

Refer to for more details and specific workarounds that may be needed.


Supported SQL Server Editions for CRM 4.0

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is supported with the following SQL Server Editions:

Updating CRM 4.0 Setup Files

During installation of CRM 4.0 the user has an option to obtain updated setup files over the Internet.

To manually obtain setup files follow the instructions in this article

Problem configuring Outlook Client when host headers are used

If host headers were used to install the CRM web site on the web server then you may run into problems when configuring the CRM Client for Outlook.

During configuration you may get errors saying that the CRM web site cannot be contacted (even though you can in Internet Explorer).

The solution is to follow the steps in this article:

Installing CRM 4.0 in Windows Server 2008

CRM 4.0 can be installed on Windows Server 2008.
Refer to for more details and specific workarounds that may be needed.



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