Disqualifying leads in bulk

It seems that selecting more than 50 leads and then clicking Disqualify doesn’t work. When I last tried this, I received an error. Having logged a support call with Microsoft, the response was that it is by design.

Unified Interface

Microsoft announces new deadline for removing the web client of 1st December 2020 in this blog and this article Why do I have to transition? In September 2019, Microsoft announced that the web interface (sometime called the “legacy” interface) will be removed on 1st October 1st December 2020 and that all Online customers must use …

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Organization Settings Editor

There are many settings in Dynamics 365 Online that can be changed via the PowerShell, such as this one,  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/enable-rich-text-experience, for enabling rich text in the description field of appointments. There is an alternative to using the PowerShell which is to use Organization Settings Editor managed solution released by Sean McNellis of Microsoft. Download the solution …

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Line Items

An earlier version of Dynamics 365/CRM introduced an inline edit view for Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice Products (line item products). But the inline edit view was a  “special” view that could not be edited, for example, to show additional fields. But the editable grid control is available in the unified interface for line item …

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Creating Instances

Under the new storage model Storage Changes additional instances can be created free of charge provided you have sufficient disk space available. You can manage instances in the “old” admin center, (https://port.crm.dynamics.com/G/Instances/InstancePicker.aspx?Redirect=False) (replace crm as appropriate for your region) but as AFAIK you can’t create instance in the old admin center – they appear if you have …

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Dynamics 365 Portal tracking

Dynamics 365 Portals include site settings for tracking logins and page view (though in a simple way only). However, these settings are now deprecated and we need to look to other methods. From my research the method recommended by Microsoft is to use Azure Application Insights as described at Portal Deprecated Features. Setting up Azure Application …

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Dynamics 365 Entitlements

Entitlements replaced contracts in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM some time ago, This article describes some scenarios I’ve encountered. Date Coverage only Looking at an entitlement form, the Allocation Type and Decrease Remaining On fields are business required. The only options for Allocation Type are: Number of cases Number of hours The contracts entity template had …

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Service Management Settings in the Unified Interface

In the “classic” or “legacy” web interface, settings for Service Management are located at Settings | Service Management. The Oct 18 Business Application release notes announced that service management settings will be available in the unified interface in the customer service hub. Three settings are still only available in the web interface: Routing Rule Sets …

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