Changes to the Outlook CRM Client in Update Rollup 7

Update Rollup 7 for the CRM 4.0 Outlook Client introduces a number of important changes and updates:

  • Update Rollup 7 becomes a new baseline for installing future updates
  • Once UR7 is installed it may not be uninstalled
  • Includes support for Windows 7
  • Tested with Office 2010 but not officially supported until Office 2010 RTM
  • 64-bit Office 2010 not supported (may come with CRM 5.0)
  • Client installation is streamlined

A number of performance updates:

  • The SQL Server Express instance will only run when working offline T
  • he CRM hoster process will only run when working offline
  • The CRM hoster process is not needed for the desktop client
  • Loading of the CRM add-in moved to the background so Outlook starts more quickly
  • Changes to the tagging of tracked e-mails and address book provider
  • Background synching improved

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