Configuring IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) for CRM 2011

Forefront Unified Access Gateway

UAG can be used to make the CRM2011 web application available over the Internet without having to configure claims-based authentication and an IFD deployment. However, the CRM Client for Outlook does not work over UAG and you may run into problems with third-party add-ons.

URL to use in the CRM Client for Outlook

When configuring the CRM Client for Outlook you must provide the URL for CRM. When a computer is always on the internal network the URL to use is of course, the internal URL for CRM. However, for  computers that are sometimes on the internal network and sometimes away, such as laptops, what is the best URL to use?

I’ve generally used the external URL, for example, But this can mean slower access when the user’s computer is connected to the internal network.

Some people have suggested that a copy of the external DNS name(s) is made on an internal DNS server to speed things up. So, would resolve to an internal IP address instead of an external IP address.

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