CRM 2013 by the numbers

Many areas in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 have limits, this table collates some of them.

Item Limit Notes
Number of buttons on the command bar 5 Hard-coded limit, can’t be changed
Stages in a business process flow 30  
Number of entities in a business process flow 5  
Maximum number of records exported to Excel 10000 This is the default limit for the maximum number of records that will be exported to Excel. The limit can be changed by changing the MaxRecordsfor ExportToExcel in the OrganizationBase table of the organization database.

For On-Premises CRM you can run the following SQL Statement against the organization database:

update OrganizationBase
set MaxRecordsForExportToExcel=‘20000’

Following the change, you might need to restart the CRM website.

Note that updates made to the CRM database using SQL are not supported.



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