Customizing Marketing List Views

The CRM application does not allow marketing list views to be customized. However, the views are stored in the savedquerybase table and may in fact be customized.

Firstly, we need to find the GUIDs for the relevant views. There are nine views in total, All, Active and Inactive members for Accounts, Contacts and Leads. Query the table (using SQL Server Management Studio) for these views using:

select * from savedquerybase where name like ‘%mem%’

From this list copy the SavedQueryID for the view that you want to change. In Internet Explorer navigate to:


where YOURCRMWEBURL is the URL for your CRM organization and SAVEDQUERYID is the id you obtained from SQL Server. This should take you to the customization screen for the view. Make changes as desired, save and close and then publish all customizations.

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