Dynamics 365 Portals – Site Settings

There are many Site Settings records available to control portal configuration. Here are some related to authentication.



true or false

Maps an external identity to an existing contact using emailaddress1. The external identity must supply an email address.

Must also configure RegistrationClaimsMapping to specify the email address field name in the external identity provider.



true or false

determines whether users can register on the portal (regardless of authentication method), default is true if the setting is not present.


true or false

determines whether users can sign up without an invitation code using local or external identity providers – makes the Register tab show


true or false

determines whether users can use an redemption code during sign-up to match an existing contact


true or false

determines whether identity can be managed on the contact record without using an external identity provider. NOTE: local logins are deprecated


true or false

determines whether external identity providers for sign-in and sign-up are allowed


true or false

determines whether Azure AD as an external identity provider is allowed (this does not refer to Azure AD B2C which is covered by the ExternalLoginEnabled setting

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