Error when saving a form – reference to non-existent security role

I was attempting to save changes to the Managed Information form and received the error: object doesn’t support property or method ‘toLocaleString’.

After much researching (and clicking on the Download log button in the error window) I found that the problem was a reference to a security role that does not exist in the definition of the form. To resolve the problem I had to amend a row in the systemformbase table in the CRM organization database – this is of course unsupported.

I queried for records in systemformbase that reference the non-existent security role in the field, formxml. I obtained the ID of the security role from the error message log when saving the form. For each record that referenced the non-existent security role I then copied the data for the formxml field to notepad, edited out the reference to the security role and then ran a SQL update statement on systemformbase to replace the formxml (taking care to include a where statement so that only the affected form is updated).

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