Portal Managament

Portal Management

Entitlement to Portal

Any subscription with 5 or more Dynamics 365 licenses is entitled to one portal add-on at no charge. Team Member licenses do not count for the requirement.

It seems that although this is a contractual obligation, it is not enforced (does this mean that if you get the portal add-on and then go below the 5 licences the portal is not removed?)

Portal Components

There are two components to a portal solution:

  • Solutions – which are installed in a D365 instance
  • Website – the portal website which is hosted in Azure and managed by Microsoft

Install portal for first time

To install a portal for the first time, including the website:

  1. Navigate to the Dynamics 365 admin center
  2. Click on the APPLICATIONS tab
  3. In the list of applications, click on Portal Add-On and then click MANAGE
  4. Follow the steps in the configurations pages


Add more features to a portal, that is install another portal solution

Relink Azure portal website to a different D365 website in the same instance and in a different instance

Delete portals completely

Portal development – sandbox or production – copying portal data

Shoud I design my portal in my production or sandbox instance. If I chose sandbox how do I move it from the sandbox to production.

Is it possible to buy a reduced price portal for development work?  Portal Add-On has a list price of $500/month (when I last checked)

According to Colin Vermander:

We follow a standard practice of developing on a sandbox and then promoting to test and then promoting to production.

You can connect one portal add-on to multiple instances (how?) Or does he mean that you can relink a portal from one instance to another.

XRM Toolbox has a portal data mover tool


Delete Azure portal website and reprovision

Solutions without a portal

Portal solutions can be installed in an instance even if a portal is not associated with the instance.

Update Portal Components

This Microsoft article describes the process for updating portal components

Portal Reset Cache

The portal about page (yourPortalURL/_services/about) shows a reset cache button (as well as other information) for signed-in users with site admin privileges.


Portals can be added to Dynamics 365 trials.


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