Record names not showing in title bar of window

In CRM versions 2011 and earlier, when you view a record it opens in a new windows and the window title is the name of the record as shown in this example.

CRM 2011 window with record name shown in title bar

However, you might find that the record name does not appear, instead a URL is shown like this (‘ve obscured part of the URL).

CRM 2011 window with URL shown in title bar instead of record name

This will happen if the setting “Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints” is set to Disabled.

This setting is under Miscellaneous in the security settings for an Internet Explorer security zone. Changing the setting to Enabled will restore the record name to the title bar.

In the Local Intranet zone, the default is Enabled but in the Trusted Sites zone the default is Disabled. Consider adding the URL for your CRM website to Local Intranet.

If you make a change, be sure to close all Internet Explorer windows first before testing.

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