Report Error – Select or Execution permission denied

I encountered an on-premises CRM organization where some reports did not run, instead a rsProcessingAborted error is shown. In situations like this, it often helps to look at the Event Viewer on the Reporting Services server. I found errors similar to the following:

  • Report data set execution failure. Error: The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘p_AccountSummaryRollup’
  • Report data set execution failure. Error: The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘fn_GetFormatStrings’

Missing Permissions

Looking at these objects in the database in the Programmability node did indeed show that the objects had no permissions granted. But what permissions should be granted?

Comparing with another CRM deployment I noted the following permissions were granted (Select or Execute as appropriate for the object):

  • GRANT to CRMReaderRole  (Database role)
  • GRANT to DomainReportingGroup{GUID} (User)

Replace Domain with the name of your domain and GUID with the relevant GUID for your ReportingGroup. Use the Search button to lookup the group, if you have more than one ReportingGroup then this means that CRM has been installed multiple times on a server or there is more than one deployment on your network so you must select the ReportingGroup relevant to the Reporting Services server.

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