Scheduling Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured to run on a scheduled basis from within the CRM application. For example, if a sales report is needed on a weekly basis, you can schedule the report so that it is automatically available at the required time.

Email Subscriptions

If you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-premises you can create an email subscription to the snapshot in SQL Reporting Services Report Manager.

Updating a Report

If you change the definition of a report by uploading a new RDL file by editing the report record in CRM you must delete the scheduled reports because they will have the definition of the prior report. This will also delete the email subscriptions.

Therefore, you must schedule the report again in CRM and then re-create the email subscription.

Scheduling Reports and Email Subscriptions in SQL Reporting Services

Instead of uploading and scheduling reports via the CRM application you can upload reports directly via the SQL Reporting Services Report Manager.

Then you can create snapshot schedules and email subscriptions within the Report Manager. If the definition of the report changes you can overwrite the definition of the report without having to recreate email subscriptions.

You must specify credentials if you need to schedule the report under Data Sources. Select the Credentials stored securely in the report server option. But do not select Impersonate the authenticated user after a connection has been made to the data source.

Reports that you load directly cannot use any CRM functionality such as pre-filtering.

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