What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Here is a list of new features in CRM Dynamics 2011 that I have discovered so far (in no particular order):

  • Audit history
  • Custom Activities – can create new activity types
  • Dashboards based on .NET 4.0 controls
  • Workflow now called processes and include dialogs (like scripted converstations)
  • Solutions for package customizations – managed solution package that can be installed
  • Bulk Delete Wizard (was in CRM 4.0 Online but not On-Premise)
  • Field Level Security
  • Relationships now called Connections and can be used with all entity types
  • Outlook can be configured for multiple CRM organizations
  • Column filters available in lists
  • Role-based forms
  • Records can be owned by users or teams
  • Jscript global library (for reuse of jscript across entities and events)
  • Data Migration Manager is no longer provided as the Import Wizard functionality is considerably enhanced
  • Quick Campaigns – can use e-mail templates, also there is a button for Add Image – but clicking it produces a Not Implemented popup 

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