Workflow – Activity Count

When designing workflows, it is possible to test the number of activities (open and closed) against a record (only activities that are regarding the record directly are counted).

The count is available under the Local Value – Process.

There are two activity counts – Activity Count and Activity Count Including Process.

  • Activity Count is a count of all activities (open and closed) excluding ones created by any workflow.
  • Activity Count including Workflow is a count of all activities (open and closed) regardless of how they were created.

It seems that the values for the activity counts are evaluated when the workflow starts or is paused and resumed or at the end of a wait. So a step like this to get a workflow to do something when an activity is added to a record does not work:

Wait until Process-Activity Count > some integer (or field with an integer)

However, if there is a parallel wait such as

Timeout until 4 hours

The wait branch with the activity count is re-evaluated and if the test on activity count is true the workflow follows that path rather than the timeout path. Most frustrating.

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