All change for Dynamics 365 editions

Well according to Steve Mordue ( and Jason Gumpert at MSDynamicsWorld ( it seems that Microsoft is going to get rid of the Enterprise and Business edition distinction. Instead all the apps in Dynamics 365 will be available for purchase in any combination – or that is my understanding.

If this does come to pass then I think this is a major improvement. I always felt that the Enterprise/Business edition distinction was an artificial construct. Many small businesses would have needed the Enterprise edition because of the customizations they required. Small businesses can be just as complex as larger ones.

It is a shame that Microsoft announced Business edition way way before it was ready to deliver. It is about a year ago that Business edition was announced and there is still no release date for the customer engagement apps – perhaps this change in packaging is the reason. It seems that Business Edition is gone before being launched (setting aside Finance and Operations). Partners have spent the last year trying to plan for Business Edition, second-guessing what the limitations might be and the poor ISVs have been struggling to work out how their offerings would work with the two editions.

As far as I know there has no official announcement of the above and certainly no details that I can find. Let’s hope that if this is happening, Microsoft moves quickly and we don’t spend another year wondering what the product line up will be. We need to focus our energies on selling, promoting, supporting and using the great apps that make up Dynamics 365.

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