Power Apps Per App

The Power Apps per app Plan gives rights to 2 apps and a portal for one user. The two apps can be model-driven or canvas apps.

This can be a cost-effective way of using the Power Platform without having to buy a more expensive Dynamics 365 app such as Sales, Service, Project Service or Field Service.

For example, a business has a database of customers in Excel or Access, wants to use the CDS to store the customer data to get the benefits of Power Apps (model-driven and canvas) but doesn’t need sales features such as opportunities and quotes.

The cost of a single licence for a Dynamics 365 Enterprise app is $95 per user per month and for the Professional App (with a subset of features of the Enterprise app) is $65 per user per month.

Whereas the Power Apps per app Plan costs $10 per user per month making it a much more affordable option for smaller businesses.

An alternative is the Power Apps per user Plan which costs $40 per user month and provides access to an unlimited number of apps per user.

Allocating a licence

Allocating a Power Apps per app Plan to an end user is not as simple as assigning, for example, an Office licence in the administration portal. Instead, a more complicated process must be followed as described at Power Apps per app plans


A Power Apps per app Plan includes 1GB storage at the tenant level and then 50M per licence.

But you’ll find that the 1GB storage is used by the default environment.

It is not recommended to use the default environment for production apps. To create an environment to use for production requires 1GB of free storage, so unless you have additional storage allocation provided from a different type of Dynamics licence, you need to purchase additional disk capacity.

Ways to acquire storage

There are several ways to get the additional storage needed:

  • buy the additional storage at $40 per GB per month
  • buy 20 off Power Apps per app licences (to get an allocation of 1GB, 20 x 50M per license) at $200 per month
  • buy 1 Power Apps per user licence at $40 per user per month which includes 10GB storage at the tenant level and then 250M per licence

Note: the tenant level storage is provided once only for the first purchase of a licence type.

So, it seems to make good financial sense if you are going to use Power Apps per app plans to also buy just one Power Apps per user plan to get the 10G tenant level storage.

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