Auto Numbering using AdxStudio Productivity Pack

The AdxStudio Productivity Pack contains a number of free tools. This article describes configuring Auto Numbering.

Create an Auto Numbering Defintion

  1. Navigate to Settings > Auto Numbering Definitions
  2. On the ribbon, click New.
  3. In Name,type a name for the defintion. The name will be used in a workflow that creates the auto number.
  4. In Format, type the string format for the auto number. Use {0} to indicate the position for the auto number. For example, TKT:{0}. You can leave this field blank, in which case the format is just a number.
  5. In Digits, type the number of digits to use for the length of the auto number.
  6. In Last Number Issued, type a starting value for the auto number. This field is incremented by the plugin, you can reset the value. You can leave this field blank, in which case the first number to be used is 1.
  7. Create a workflow to use the Auto Numbering Definition
  8. Navigate to Setttings > Processes
  9. On the toolbar, click New.
  10. In Process Name, type a name for the workflow.
  11. In Entity, select the entity for which the auto numbering is to be applied.
  12. In Category, select Workflow.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Under Options for Automatic Processes, in Scope, select Organization.
  15. Make sure that only Record is created is selected.

Note: the above steps will create an auto number whenever a record is created. You can select different trigger for the workflow. For example, if you only need to auto number a field under specific conditions you make the workflow available only as a child workflow and then call it as needed or you can make the workflow available on demand and then run it manually.

Add steps to the workflow

  1. In the workflow editor, click Add Step and then click Create Record.
  2. In the create step, select Auto Numbering Request and then click Set Properties.
  3. In Auto Numbering Definition Name, type the name of the definition that you created earlier.
  4. Click Save and Close.
  5. In the workflow editor, click Add Step and then click Update Record.
  6. In the update step, click Set Properties.
  7. In the Form Assistant, under Look for:, select Create (Auto Numbering Request).
  8. In the box below, select Formatted Number and then click Add.
  9. In the form, click in the field where the auto number is to be used (note if the field is not on the form it will show under Additional Fields.
  10. Click OK. The field is populated with the formatted number dynamic value.
  11. Click Save and Close.
  12. Optionally, on the Administration tab, select Automatically delete completed workflow jobs (to save disk space).
  13. On the ribbon, click Save and then Activate.

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