Change name of the root business unit

It is not possible to change the root business name for a CRM organization after installation using the application. But what if you have installed CRM with the wrong root business unit name or need to change it after installation?

There is a way round this if you follow these steps. But please make sure you read and understand completely what has to be done and also make sure you have sufficient backups in case things don’t work out.

  1. Stop all users from accessing CRM.
  2. Ask all users of CRM in Outlook who are offline to go online and synchronize changes.
  3. In Deployment Manager disable the organization.
  4. Backup the current organization database in SQL Server.
  5. Restore the backup in SQL Server to a new database named OrganizationName_MSCRM where Organization name is the name you want.
  6. Use Deployment Manager to import a new organization, navigate to the newly restored SQL Server database.
  7. Follow the import wizard, make sure you enter the organization display name correctly (this will be used for the root business unit as well), select Keep User Mappings and you will have a new CRM organization with the correct organization and root business unit name.

Note: If you have the Workgroup Edition or the Professional Edition the existing organization will be removed when you complete the import. If you have Enterprise Edition the existing organiztion will remain but you should delete it (and the SQL database) once you are happy that the import was succesful.

The only downside is that all users with CRM for Outlook will have to reconfigure to use the new organization.

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