Edit Multiple Records – fields missing

If the address on an account record changes, the addresses for any related contacts are not changed. At first it seems that you have to edit each contact record separately which will of course be time consuming. However, a trick I learnt in the early days of CRM is to select the related contacts and then click Edit to open the Edit Multiple Records window where you can type the new address once and update the related contacts (this only works for up to 250 contacts at a time because you are limited to editing one page at a time).

I recently came across a situation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 where the address fields did not show in Edit Multiple Records even though other fields did show. At first I thought it was something to do with composite addresses but a check on another CRM system showed that this was not the case.

Further investigation showed that if a map control or a quick view control is the same section as regular fields, the regular fields do not appear in Edit Multiple Records. The solution was simple, move the map and quick view controls to their own section and keep a section just for regular fields. This did not change the appearance of the form but the address fields now appear in Edit Multiple records.

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