Microsoft Dynamics Products

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Online


User Subscription License (USL)

Minimum purchase of five CRM Professional USLs is required for new subscribers


$200 per user/month

Also includes:

  • Parature Enterprise
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Enterprise
Professional$65 per user/month 
Basic$30 per user/month 
Essential$15 per user/month 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM non-production instance$150 per/monthOne instance included with 25 or more CRM Professional USLs
Microsoft Dynamics CRM production instance$549 per/month 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM storage$9.99 per GByte/month

For every 20 CRM Professional USLs storage capacity is increased by 2.5GB up to 50GB

A subscription includes 5 GBytes of storage


Microsoft Dynamics CRM – On-premises

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

$xxx per server

$xxx per user


Other Products

Unified Service DeskInstalled and run on user’s computerNot available standaloneIncluded with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional and Enterprise USLs
Microsoft Social Engagement ProfessionalOnline only$75 per user/month

Included with:

  • 10 or more CRM Professional USLs
  • 1 or more CRM Enterprise USLs
Microsoft Dynamics MarketingOnline only

Enterprise, $125 per user/month

Sales Collaboration, $2.00 per user/month

Available as:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Enterprise
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Sales Collaboration


Parature, from MicrosoftOnline only$125 per user/month 

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