Pricing Precision

Fields of type currency have a precision which determines the number of decimal places used in calculations and display. The settings for precision are described in the following table.

Precision SettingNumber of Decimal Places
Currency Precision

Determined by the setting on the currency.

Because the precision may vary with currency, 4 decimal places are shown in the Minimum Value and Maximum Value fields.

When the field is added to a form, the number of decimals shown will be determined by the currency precision for the currency of the record.

Pricing Decimal PrecisionDetermined by the value for Pricing Decimal Precision in System Settings on the General tab. The value can be from 0 to 4
A numberA value between 0 and 4

The precision setting can be changed after a field has been created.

System Fields

Currency fields on Quotes, Orders, Invoices appear to default to Currency Precision.

Precision TypeFields
Pricing Decimal Precision

Price List Item: Amount, Rounding Amount

Opportunity Product, Quote Product, Order Product and Invoice Product: Price Per Unit

Product: List Price, Current Cost, Standard Cost

Field Precision, 2 decimal placesOpportunity: Total Line Item Discount Amount
Currency PrecisionAll other system currency fields

Effect of Precision on Calculations

The number of decimal places used affects rounding in calculations. It seems that CRM uses number of places for both displaying values and storing values.

Exchange Rates

When a field of type currency is added to an entity, two fields are in fact created, the field (e.g. FieldA) and another field with _base added to the name (e.g. FieldA_base).

FieldA_base stores the value in the base currency calculated using the exchange rate for the record currency. Where the currency of the record is the same as the base currency the two fields will have the same value.

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