Quote and Quote Product fields

Quote Product fields

Note: all currency fields have an equivalent field for the amount in the base currency, the names shown below hold the value in the currency of the record.

Display NameName (for SQL Querying)DeterminedNotes
Price Per UnitpriceperunitManually entered or determined from the catalog 
Volume DiscountvolumediscountamountCalculatedVolume discount per unit; to get the total volume discount multiply by the quantity
QuantityquantityManually entered 
AmountbaseamountCalculated quantity*(priceperunit – volumediscount)
Manual DiscountmanualdiscountamountManually entered 
TaxtaxManually enteredCRM does not auto calculate tax
Extended AmountextendedamountCalculated

After tax and all discounts: (basemount – manualdiscount + tax)

 quantity*(priceperunit – volumediscount) – manualdiscount + tax

Quote fields

Display NameName (for SQL Querying)DeterminedNotes
Total Detail Amount[1]totallineitemamountCalculatedSum of (Extended Amount less Tax) for all line items
Quote DiscountdiscountamountManually enteredDiscount applied at the quote level
Quote Discount (%)discountamountpercentageManually enteredCalculated as percentage of totallineitemamount
Pre-Freight AmounttotalamountlessfreightCalculated(totallineitemamount  – (totaldiscountamount – totallineitemdiscountamount )
Freight AmountfreightamountManually entered 
Total TaxtotaltaxCalculatedSum of Tax amounts for all line items
Total AmounttotalamountCalculated(totalamountlessfreight + freightamount + totaltax)
Total Line Item Discount AmounttotallineitemdiscountamountCalculatedSum of Manual Discounts for all line items (does not include volume discounts)
Total Discount AmounttotaldiscountamountCalculated

Sum of all discounts (excluding volume discounts)


[1] In an out-of-the-box system, the word Total is not shown on the Quote Form

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